Social Sailing 
 A description of fun sailing days on the Solent.
 Social Sailing Dates 
 Social Sailing on the Solent and fun days on the water.
 Team Building 
 Team building on a yacht in the Solent.
 Corporate entertaining 
 Corporate Entertainment in the Solent on a yacht.
 Lunch Isle of Wight 
 A day trip to the Isle of Wight for lunch, traveling by yacht with a professional skipper.
 Try Sailing Fun Day 
 A chance to sail on the Solent on a well equipped yacht with a professional skipper.
 Family Fun 
 A Family adventure to make the most of your school holidays.
 View cowes racing 
 A fun day sailing on the Solent whilst viewing the competitve racers from your own yacht.
 View the Americas Cup 
 A fun day out watching the Americas Cup from your own yacht on the Solent.
 Round the Island Race 
 A fun weekend taking part in the Round the Island race.
 Cowes fireworks info 
 A fun trip on sailing on the solent to watch Cowes Fireworks.
 Bird Watching and Photography 
 A great weekend for Ornithologists watching birds and taking photos
 Milebuilder for sailors wanting to log miles.
 Model Yacht Day 
 Fun day helming and racing Model Yachts in Shamrock Quay Marina.
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