Become competent in the use of Radar - the RYA and MCA stress the importance of knowing how to use Radar in appropriate conditions. See also the International Collision Regs: 
'7. Risk of collision.  Vessels must use all available means to determine the risk of a collision , including the use of radar (if available) to get early warning of the risk of collision by radar plotting or equivalent systematic observation of detected objects. (e.g. MARPA AIS)'.
Appropriate conditions include:  in fog (obvious) and at night (not so obvious). Radar provides excellent range information, whereas your eyes, even though you might see the other vessel, struggle to estimate range; Radar is accurate and therefore significantly reduces the risk of a collision.

Weekend or weekday training courses based at Shamrock Quay, Southampton.



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For the Basic Radar Course - navigation skills are desireable.

For the RADAR COURSE PLUS - an RYA Basic Radar Certificate is required.


Available dates

Contact us for availability as we can build the course dates around you.

Basic Radar Course
- A whole day 09.00 to 17.00 usually at Shamrock Quay or on your own boat by negotiation.  Cost from £99 (plus cost of certificate).

We run the Radar Course PLUS on two levels:
a)  on board in the Marina to master the Radar controls and to compare the Radar picture with the reality of the surroundings - £60 half day.
b)  on the water, with either a half or full day at sea on Southampton Water & The Solent - £99 half day / £190 full day.



Basic Radar Course -  follows the RYA course syllabus -    see  here   

Radar Course PLUS builds on your 'desk top' knowledge gained from the Basic Radar Course.  We provide the practical knowledge and  practice using a real Radar set and AIS data displayed on modern multilayer chartplotters, all operating in real sailing environments.  A great  opportunity to learn the 'tricks of the trade' under the guidance of our instructors. 

Both courses take place on a 41 ft yacht, both short and long range Radars (by Raymarine / Flir, Quantum and HD types) can be available .  Not only do you get to operate two modern Radars but you can also compare their characteristics to see which might suit you and your boat best!


  • Instruction
  • Tea & coffee, soft drinks and snacks on-board for full day courses
  • Free parking at Shamrock Quay Marina


  • Accomodation - available, at additional cost, on request. 


Space on a boat is always limited, so if you are overnighting you should pack your clothes in a soft holdall or sailbag that can be stowed in a locker. Bags with wheels must be avoided, as these can damage the woodwork. You will need:
  • Non marking shoes, deck shoes or non-slip/non-marking waterproof sailing boots
  • A warm fleece or jumper
  • Waterproof clothing (available on request at £10 per day)
  • We provide all safety equipment such as lifejackets and harnesses if you go to sea

So hone your Radar skills and become a truly competent Radar Operator, maybe even an expert?   It's dramatic how different the real world looks compared with the Radar world  on screen.   You just need practice for both 'worlds' to live comfortably side by side, then you know fr certain that when the real world vanishes in fog you have confidence in the Radar world still displayed on your screen!

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