You have, or are about to have, the boat of your dreams – what next?
Yacht ownership is exciting, rewarding and importantly it provides a ‘get away from it all’ experience. A means to relax, to gain access to a complete change from one’s normal working environment.   Idyllic?     Not always - maintenance, knowhow and perhaps financial and time pressures can all become a burden.
So why not let Firstaway work with you to reduce any burdens, to let you focus on the enjoyment of sailing your own yacht?     We have been in this business for 30 years with our own yachts as well as owner’s yachts.  There is much that we can help you with and you will be in safe, friendly hands.

We run a yacht management scheme, based in the Solent which allows you to subsidise the costs of owning a yacht. As part of our charter fleet, your yacht will earn you an income from charter, helping to cover its own running costs and making yacht ownership an affordable and enjoyable experience. If you’re thinking of purchasing a yacht with charter use in mind, our friendly, expert team of staff would be happy to advise you on your choice of yacht.


A yacht management scheme offers a return on your investment – an income from charter can cover many of the costs of owning a yacht. We’ll take care of the marketing, enquiries and correspondence, advertising to our large customer base and beyond. When your boat becomes part of our charter fleet, we’ll also maintain her for you, cleaning and servicing her after every charter so you can relax, safe in the knowledge that your boat is being well looked-after.

So why should we help you?   Firstly we love sailing and its environment, we are enthusiastic professionals enjoying the life style and all that goes with it, so helping others to enjoy it as well comes naturally to us.  Secondly we do have to make a living and your yacht can help us.   Yacht charter is our business and offering your yacht for charter should enable you to cover your running costs and provide an income for us, a ‘win–win’ situation.  So your yacht becomes an important asset to be nurtured, kept safe and well maintained – things that we are really good at!   Come and see us for yourself.
So, we can:
  • Help you choose the ‘right’ yacht and equipment - also to find a suitable berth.
  • Obtain insurance quotes for you and source equipment at our trade prices.
  • Look after your yacht on a daily basis to keep her safe along with our other boats.
  • Agree with you when you want to use your yacht and when she is available for charter.
  • Carry out any repairs and maintenance that result from charter or that you request.
  • Advise you on all matters sailing and project manage any major work you may have done.
  • Carry out any MCA coding work required
  • Provide a contact facility close to your yacht.
  • Provide you with monthly statements of income and expenditure.
  • We will not disown your yacht after 3 years (some others do), we love older often better built boats.
  • Importantly, we will work closely with you in all respects relating to what - always - remains your yacht. 


Our yacht management rates are competitive compared to industry standards. All maintenance, repair work, insurance and berthing costs will be authorised with you before they are paid – we’ll send you a monthly statement so you can keep track of your charter income and expenses. This makes it easy to create an invoice and recover your VAT
  • We meet up and we discuss your requirements, importantly to agree yacht suitability. 
  • We can provide an informed view on your short list of yachts.
  • We may be able to negotiate a trade discount on the price of your proposed purchase.
  • We agree the berthing arrangements with you.  You are responsible for the annual berthing and insurance costs  but we can usually negotiate the best deals.

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